Universal Group Holds PMS Training Course

Universal Group- Universal Group Holds PMS Training Course

Universal Group holds specialized training on Performance Management Systems, aiming to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees and develop their skills. The training was conducted by Mr. Abdulhakim, the training manager of the Group.

PMS is a vital tool in achieving organizational goals and enhancing overall employee performance. This training course is a strategic step by the Group to empower its employees and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement and manage a performance management system.

The course was meticulously designed, incorporating a diverse range of lectures, interactive discussions, and practical exercises that enhanced participants' understanding of the importance of Performance Management System and how to apply it effectively. Participants benefited from practical tips and strategies that helped them improve their performance and achieve their professional goals.

The trainer provided valuable guidance to participants on performance analysis, setting SMART goals, performance evaluation, and developing personal improvement plans. The training was characterized by its dynamic style and ability to deliver information smoothly and informally.

Participants expressed their complete satisfaction with the course content and the quality of the training provided. They indicated that they greatly benefited from the information and tools presented and expressed their gratitude to the Group for providing this valuable training.