Universal Group

Privacy Policy

This policy specifies the types of personal information that the group collects, and explains the methods and reasons for collecting, using, and exchanging that information, whether it is within the group or with any other institution that deals with it.

It explains the mechanism for protecting that information, and it explains options and rights for that information.

This policy comes into effect whenever the service applicant or customer enjoys one of the services provided by one or all of the group companies, whether those services are obtained by phone, by visiting one of the offices providing services provided by the group companies, through the group’s website on the Internet, by using any of the group’s social media platforms, by participating in the promotional campaigns of one of the group’s companies, by subscribing to the group’s newsletters, by registering or by subscribing to the competitions and offers presented by the group or one of its companies.

The Information

This Information Includes:

- E-mail addresses, cell phone numbers, dates of birth, gender, ID and passport numbers, work and residential addresses.

- Login information to your personal accounts such as usernames and "encrypted" passwords / passwords.

- Information related to income level, interests, and preferences.

- When clients shop on the Internet, or when they visit the website of Universal Group or the websites of its companies.


Universal Group and its companies may collect information, all of which ultimately aims to work to improve and develop the services provided by the group’s companies. This information may include:

-What the customer may have intended to buy or has bought.

- The electronic devices that the customer used to make electronic purchases through the group's websites and its affiliates. Making use of the personal information available on the clients through digital media channels.

- Extending the invitation to participate in the questionnaires designed by the group or one of its companies to meet the needs of the group's audience. Sharing of dealers' personal information whenever a valid law requires the sharing of that information. The group's disclaimer of its legal responsibility towards any unauthorized or unintended access to the data of its customers or the public of those dealing with it. The right of anyone dealing with the group or one of its companies to submit a request not to use his/her personal information at any time. The freedom of customers to cancel their subscription to the promotional electronic messages service at any time.

- The right of all customers and individuals to have access to their personal data, to update it, to request deletion of that data, or to limit its use. Notifying all those who have been registered in the databases in the event of updates with the need to obtain the approval of their owners, whether the reasons are related to developmental or technical reasons or due to changes in the laws in force.

* The group updates the privacy policy from time to time as needed, and it may be forced at any time to use its customers' data in a way that is different from what was previously agreed upon. However, the group will notify the clients. All these modifications will become effective unless it receives any objection in a timely manner. Kindly review all terms of the privacy policy whenever this happens.