Universal Eagles for Security Services (UESS) Honors Its Outstanding Staff

Universal Group- Universal Eagles for Security Services (UESS) Honors Its Outstanding Staff

Believing in their critical role and importance in building and prospering any business, paying a proud tribute to what they have achieved, and in recognition of their efforts, Universal Eagles for Security Services, a Company of Universal Group, honored its staff who have delivered outstanding performance during the past year. The honoring ceremony lasted for three consecutive days and was attended by a number of company managers, including Mr. Mohammed Al-Aswadi, the General Manager, Mr. Ali Al-Ziadi, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Hussein Al-Harazi, the Operations Manager, Mr. Sadeq Albah, the Assistant Operations Manager, Mr. Abdullah Al-Sayani, the Commercial Manager, and Mr.Waleed Damaj, the Quality Manager, etc. During the ceremony, two groups of security overseers, guards and supervisors from all the company's sites were honored, in addition to more than 90 security overseers, supervisors and guards from all the company's projects.

For their part, the staff expressed their happiness and gratitude to the company for this honor, which encourages them to do their best and give more in their field of work. They also affirmed their commitment to continue working with the same enthusiasm and diligence to achieve more success in the future. This initiative comes within the company's permanent policy of supporting and encouraging outstanding staff and providing all the support they need to achieve their professional and personal goals.