Bytalrhal Honors the Late Pioneer of Tourism Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani

Universal Group- Bytalrhal Honors the Late Pioneer of Tourism Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani

Coinciding with Bytalrhal Exhibition, the first exhibition for tourism, transportation, heritage, and national products, organized by Bytalrhal Foundation, where Universal Rent A Car - Hertz Franchise, representing the Universal Group, participated, the organizers of this exhibition honored the late Mr. Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani as the first pioneer of tourism nationally, as part of a ceremony to honor a select group of businessmen who enriched the national arena and made significant contributions in their fields.

This award was presented as an appreciation for his outstanding efforts throughout his life to enrich the tourism and transportation sector in the Republic of Yemen. Additionally, his unforgettable role over the years in preserving the heritage of this nation and the contributions of Yemeni migrants wherever they land all over the world through his implementation of the Yemeni Migration- Reciprocal Impacts study, which also shed light on the roles he played in revitalizing the economy of the Republic of Yemen in various fields and sectors, especially in the tourism sector, which forms the nucleus of Universal Group of Companies.