Universal Group Holds PMS Training Course for its Employees

Universal Group- Universal Group Holds PMS Training Course for its Employees

Universal Group held a training course in the Performance Management System (PMS) for its employees in Al Khair Center, showcasing its commitment to innovation and continuous development. The objective of this training was to enhance performance, stimulate innovation, and develop the experience among the employees. This training course was delivered by the General Manger of Al Khair Foundation For Social Development, Mr. Sadeq Al-Jama'ei. In turn, Mr. Jamal Omar, General Manager of the Group, appreciated the efforts made to organize this training.

A group of employees, particularly those in the Human Resources department, participated in this training, which was organized in a manner that catered to the different needs of the participants. The course covered a comprehensive range of topics related to performance management, including goal-setting, performance evaluation, skill development, and promoting effective communication between managers and employees. The course also provided effective models and tools for measuring and analyzing performance, offering constructive feedback and guidance for achieving continuous improvement. Participants were encouraged to apply the concepts and skills acquired in their daily work.

This course reflects the Group's commitment to enhancing the development of its employees and cultivating a culture of exceptional performance. These efforts are considered strategic investments in the company's human assets, as the employees are a fundamental pillar of its success. With the ongoing challenges and changes in the job market, Universal Group considers investing in employee development and improving their performance as a key strategy to stay ahead.