ULC Holds Training Courses for Its Staff at Haddah Guesthouse

Universal Group- ULC Holds Training Courses for Its Staff at Haddah Guesthouse

In our commitment to providing our services based on the highest standards, the HR Management of Universal Yemen for Logistic Support & Construction (ULC), a company of the Universal Group, organized a series of specialized training courses for its staff at Haddah Guesthouse in Sana'a. This training program aims to enhance leadership and hotel supervision skills, as well as individual and collective competencies. The training courses covered various topics in hospitality, leadership, and supervision.

The "Leadership and Supervision Skills" course, tailored for the Guesthouse's supervisors, stood out in providing the necessary concepts and tools to develop and enhance strategic, operational, and supervisory leadership skills in the hospitality sector. It also included topics such as strategic planning and analysis, team management, and guest experience development, while the "Hospitality Care and Supervision" course aimed to develop and strengthen core hospitality and supervision skills among the Guesthouse's employees. This course covered several topics, including effective communication, time management, team motivation, decision-making, and personal skill development.

These courses provide a valuable opportunity for all supervisors and employees of the compound to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in hotel hospitality, leadership and supervision, and ensure the provision of the highest standards of service.