Coinciding with International Labour Day UESS Celebrates its 13th Anniversary

Universal Group- Coinciding with International Labour Day UESS Celebrates its 13th Anniversary

On Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, Universal Eagles for Security Services Co. Ltd, a company of Universal Group, celebrated its 13 Anniversary, coinciding with International Labour Day. On this special event, the company's senior management organized an appreciation ceremony for distinguished employees during 2023. The event was attended by directors of departments and sections in the company. Employees from various departments who excelled and were creative in performing their duties during 2023 were honored. Aden branch management was also honored in appreciation of its efforts and tangible achievements.

The company's deputy manager expressed his gratitude to the work team and their terrific role in achieving the company's outstanding successes last year. He commended the dedication and excellence demonstrated by employees, affirming they are the driving force behind the company achieving a prestigious position. For their part, the honored employees expressed their happiness and appreciation to the company for this appreciation. They also expressed pride in belonging to an innovative and inspiring company that appreciates their efforts and works to develop and motivate them to achieve their full potential.

This celebration reflects the strong team spirit and high morale prevailing in the company. At the end of this event, Universal Eagles affirmed its commitment to continue providing high quality, evolving and innovative products and services. It is also committed to supporting and encouraging its employees to achieve further success and excellence.