King trading and Importing

It is joined Almar Co, one of the universal group Companies in 2016  representing a set of Commercial activities at the Medical Field.

 We seek through  this company to expand our business relationships with major international companies in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceutical services, diagnostics and scientific fittings.

We also seek to distribute our products in Yemen and the neighbor countries addition to this, the company is developing trademarks for the company representing the spirit of the company, its mission and values that reflect the innovative spirit of team work in the group and through this, we open the doors of the company to overcome the domestic market in the Yemen to include the overseas markets outside Yemen, such as the horn of Africa and the GCC.

-         Horiba – a leading company in hematology , chemistry and scientific field

-          Trimed ( Australia) : No. in urea breath test and  alone has  FDA approval for C14 UBT

-          BAG Health care  Germany : a leader company in  HLA and blood grouping

-          Lonza : a leader international company for LAL testing

-         Thermolab India : A famous international company in Stability chamber s for pharmaceutical  companies

-          Laborie (MMS) : a leader company in Motility testing and Urodynamic  and other


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