Universal Group

Since its establishment in 1983, Universal has had its attention firmly focused on the pulse of travel. We started out as a small travel agency in Sana’a to become, after a few years and lots of dedication, the most reputable fullspectrum travel & tourism establishment in the country. Especially after expanding our portfolio to include distinguished hospitality services through the establishment of five Chairrmanfine hotels in various cities in Yemen. More achievements have rapidly continued after adding major sectors such as worldwide mail courier, car rental franchise, automobile club, security and oil & gas services. In recognition of its distinguished services and commitment to quality, the Universal Group was awarded the “Investment Award” in the years 2008, 2009 & 2010 as the “Best Travel and Tourism Group in Yemen”.

Several other performance and recognition awards were presented to different companies within the  group such as Best Airline Sales Achievement (from Qatar Airways, Emirates, among many others).
Al Hawta Palace Hotel, one of Universal’s most distinctive heritage properties, has won the president’s award as the Best Tourism Investment Project in Yemen.
Our continuous success is attributed to the passionate dedication and professionalism of our workforce, support of our clients and loyalty of our team members. And in our turn, we pledge to our partners in success our sincere commitment to quality and innovation, and to do our very best towards the achievement of more progress and distinction.